Hello, I’m Giel Sweertvaegher, 20 years old, studying history and an aviation photographer. I’ve been interested in aviation since I started to go to the annual Koksijde International Airshow. After 7 years, at the age of 15 I decided to photograph the planes. First with my brothers Nikon D70, later with my own Nikon D80 (Now D7000). The same year I emailed Eric to ask him how he did all those photoflights. I was very pleased when I could join the Photocrew in 2009. Since then things went very fast. I had been dreaming of air to air flights for only two years and all of a sudden I could actually do them. Things went fast!

Before turning 18 I had the luck to fly in oldtimers, photograph jets, helicopters, aerobatic teams and oldtimers. I’ve been to new places, met so many great people, seen amazing things.

In 2011 I decided to start an aviation blog, apron6.com. Not only to show my pictures but also video’s or websites that I find around the internet. I try to be a little different in my photo’s and in my editing afterwards. I try to photograph aviation as a whole, not only the planes. So I hope you like them!

To end I would like to thank everyone involved in what we do. I hope you enjoy scrolling through our pictures and maybe we’ll meet during the next air to air academy!

Giel Sweertvaegher


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