Hi, I am Michael de Boer. Growing-up on the flight line of Dutch Air Force 312 squadron where my father used to work, I got bitten by the aviation-bug at an early age. I also liked taking pictures, so inevitably, I was shooting the local F-16s and visiting fast-jets at the age of 15. I started-off using a fully manual Ricoh, although this was soon replaced by a Canon A1.
Over the years, my interest in aircraft and photography never faded. A collection of prosumer Canon equipment was obtained and interesting photo-ops were attended, often involving Starfighters and/or Tomcats. Recently though, a new dimension has been added to my favourite pass-time: Air-to-air photography.
In 2009 I was invited to Spa by Eric Coeckelberghs for my first air-to-air session with a Skyvan. What a rush! I was immediately hooked! Needless to say, since then I have shot on many more occasions from the Skyvan.
During the first three Air-to-Air Academies and other projects I participated in, many aviation photography dreams have come true, for me as well as for other photographers. I thoroughly enjoy the briefings with incredibly skilled and professional pilots. Being photoflight director is an amazing experience, but it’s never easy! The rewards (great pictures taken by all photographers on board) are amazing and it makes me proud when I see their pictures on the various internet sites and publications!
During 2012, Eric formally added me to his Aviation PhotoCrew, together with Geert, Peter and Jessie. For me, this is great honour, especially since I am Dutch. Being accepted into a group of Belgians is quite extraordinary for a “Hollander”! With Eric’s continuous drive to open-up all kinds of photo-opportunities, we will continue to organize venues like the A2A Academy and many other exiting projects.

As they say in the Blue Angels: “Glad to be here!”.

Michael de Boer


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