Peng Chen, wellknown in the aviation industry for his super enthousiastic and super professional mindset, joined the Aviation PhotoCrew in 2015 as their videographer. Peng is the first professional aviation and videographer from China, but resides in Granada, Spain. He accumulated 8 years of photo and video experience in 2017 and works for many years as the official photographer of the Spanish Air Force aerobatic team ‘Aguilas’ Peng was the corporate photographer, and their Chinese airshow manager, for the ‘Balltic Bees’ aerobatic Jet Team on their tour to China in 2017.

Peng has already 200+ hours in the backseat with both Aguilas and Baltic Bees for photowork and short videos. For the still images he uses Nikon equipment as Nikon NPS China member, and the RED Scarlet-W5K digital film camera for the videos. Together with the 7 other Aviation PhotoCrew members, Peng is travelling around the world to produce air to air photo and filmwork for many Air Forces and airshows, providing the aviation industry with state of the art results!

On this page you can see both the videos he shoots for the various Aviation PhotoCrew projects, as well as his adventures with the Aguilas and Baltic Bees.



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