On this page we keep you updated on all of our upcoming plans. Check it regularly, as we update the info on each of the projects presented as soon as we get it. Along with the newsletters, this is the best way to always have the latest news on our PhotoFlying adventures.


Do note that the Aviation PhotoCrew does NOT offer passenger flights or pleasure rides. The only persons qualified to fly onboard our photoships are other aviation photographers.

They are allowed to fly with us under the EASA regulation ‘part SPO’ PAS OM-A Task Specialist for Aerial Photography.
In UK airspace we fly under UK Air Ops Regulation.

You will receive multiple mandatory briefings and a specific tasking for the photoflight. You have to strictly comply with the responsabilities as described for the task specialist in the preparation briefings. It is important that you act and behave like a responsible crewmember on any photoflight!

In addition, you will have to follow strictly the guidelines of the ‘flight operations manual’ from the photoship. No matter how much experience you have, these guidelines will be explained before every single photomission again, and it is mandatory to attend this briefing.

It is equally important that you confirm by email that you have received the detailed task specialist briefings ( part 1 and part 2 ) and that you understand the content. You will receive additional training/recurrent training if any of the guidelines and information is not fully understood.


Due to the changed world stage, and the fact that we get more and more opportunities to fly with sensitive and fifth generation jetfighters, there will be specific requirements in place when we fly projects where we expect those military corporations:

  • You will have to be a photographer from a NATO country, NORAD country, EU countries or allied nations. If you have any doubt, just check with us in advance as many projects have different requirements.
  • For every project you like to fly with us, we kindly ask a copy of your passport ( the photo page ) as we will fly often from military bases etc like we already did in the 2023 season.

The reward of our efforts and many approval processes we go through is that we will be able to fly with more 5th gen military than ever before…and beyond!! ( find the project )


How to secure a seat for a 2024 project?

You can book right now. If you are already on a list of interested aviation photographers, PLEASE MENTION it!! Some of you have a bit of priority due to a cancelled project or flying credit you have. If the seat is available, I will send you the deposit invoice for 50% of the project price. You will have two weeks for payment ( in order to give every photographer a fair chance ), once the deposit is paid your seat is 100% confirmed!! You can book as many projects as you like.

For projects that are still marked as ‘TBC’ or do not have a solid date yet, I will not send an invoice but you will be added to the list of interested aviation photographers and I will provide you the number. No obligations at all until we get a green light, at that moment I contact aviation photographers back in running order.

Long term 2025 – 2030

You can have your name on the list of ‘interested aviation photographers’ for any project in the future. It does not cost anything, and there are no obligations to it at all! It is only after a project is confirmed we start contacting aviation photographers back in running order. The deposit invoice of 50% to be paid to confirm your seat is always send out the year before. So for example you can perfectly have your name on the list of RIAT 2028 ( as some of you do… ). We contact aviation photographers on the list around October 2027, and if they take the seat the invoice will go out. It is that simple and it goes for ALL projects we fly.

You have to send us a SEPARATE email for EVERY project that has your interest, as every email is a little piece of the giant puzzle. You can always give it a try, keep in mind that even if you are at #24 on the list you still can have the luck to secure a seat in that project, as the further into the future the more aviation photographers will not pick up a seat for real.



2024 Plans



Location: Chilliwack, Canada

Our first corporation with this worldfamous airshow led to a project as big as RIAT, only in a scenery that we would describe as the ‘best in the entire world’ Mount Baker, lakes, coastline, absolutely stunning. The 2024 airshow will see again a large military participation ( and we expect to have permission for all of that sweet metal ) but also impressive warbirds, floatplanes and the many local stars. If you have the budget for a ‘big’ project, and you wish to have the best of every category that aviation has to offer, this is definitely the place for you!! 30 aerial join-ups planned…or more.

We offer the ‘full big package for all days’. Day by day tickets are available! We offer also ‘Tuesday + Wednesday’ package and the ‘Thursday + Friday’ option. Friends can share a seat, but only 1 aviation photographer onboard each flight.


Location: Trieben, Austria

The Austrian Air Force is the host of this bi-annual airshow, it is one of the biggest events on the European airshow calendar with not only a mindblowing variety of aircraft but also the most attractive scenery!! Zeltweg airbase is located between the Austrian mountains, and all our aerial join-ups take place in this magnificent backdrop. In recent editions we had the luck of catching some of the most unique military participants here like the last ever public appearance of a Croatian Mig-21. The support from the Austrian Air Force is top level, giving us the opportunity to see most of their assets flying for the photos, and the list of vintage and warbirds is unprecedented. The most unique collection of aircraft and helicopters you can find in this project, needless to say it is an absolute favorite among the aviation photographers.

We offer the ‘full big package’ will all arrivals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 30 aerial join-ups planned…or more!
Day by day tickets are available!

Friends can share a seat, but only 1 aviation photographer onboard each flight.


Location: Tanagra airbase, Greece

F-4 Phantom anyone? The Hellenic Air Force has the most unicorn aircraft flying in the world, and even with the retirement of the T-2 Buckeye, only the Greek assets flying for us each year would make the trip worthwhile. Of course all dreams are for the legendary F-4 Phantoms, Mirage 2000 etc, but the airshow program has so much more to offer!! Each year they have at least a few aircraft that can only be seen during Athens Flying Week ( like the Saudi F-15 & Typhoon displays ), all of the teams are happy to fly for the photos, and the foreign participants have the Skyvan photoship in sight every edition.
Besides the A+++ scenery in Austria, this is the second project in Europe where we can describe the background as incredible: desert like mountains, open sea, lakes,...

Several of the join-ups are planned around sunset, flares and afterburners included. Athens Flying Week is highly in demand with the aviation photographers, so if this is your first choice always have a back up plan as well.

We offer the ‘full big package’ will all arrivals on Tuesday ( tbc ), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Day by day tickets are available!

We also offer the popular ‘departure days’ that we fly on the Sunday and Monday.
Friends can share a seat in both projects, but only 1 aviation photographer onboard each flight.


Location: Zwartberg, Belgium

We only fly the Skyvan photoship once a year in Belgium, and we are happy that we can call Sanicole our ‘home project’ where it all started for us in 2013. Although the airshow takes place at the small airfield of Sanicole, the airshow has gained worldfame and attracts visitors AND aircraft from around the world. You will never be disappointed in the Sanicole project, as there is always so much on offer! Super variety and surprises each year. 30 aerial join-ups planned... or more.

We offer the ‘full big package for all days’. Day by day tickets are available!

We offer also ‘Wednesday + Thursday’ package and the ‘Friday + Saturday’ option. Friends can share a seat, but only 1 aviation photographer onboard each flight. And…for new aviation photographers who have never flown with us before ( that is a condition ) we offer a special introduction day on Sunday, where we spoil everyone for a little price!


Location: John Wayne airport, California, USA

We crushed it there during our first ‘big’ project in the US. We have learned a lot in just a short time, but the one thing we know is that we will be back in 2024!! If you like the California coastline, sunset flights, unexpected surprises, military, worldclass warbirds and some of the most famous aerobatic performers, you gotta be in this project. This is also a great chance ( if you like US military ) to have an aerial opportunity with all of the branches like USAF, US NAVY, MARINES and ARMY.

We offer the ‘full big package for all days’. Day by day tickets are available!
We offer also ‘Wednesday + Thursday’ package and the ‘Friday + Saturday’ option.
On Saturday we will fly out to our warbird friends in Camarillo to have an awesome warbird day.
Friends can share a seat, but only 1 aviation photographer onboard each flight.


Location: Coolidge, Arizona, USA

This will be a prestigious 1 day project with the very best Arizona has to offer in the line of classic jets and warbirds. Think like multiple T-33s, Sabreliner, T-38, T-28, T-6, Mustang, Privateer, etc. All pictured in that ultimate beauty the Arizona mountains are providing. And we will start early, very early, as this day will offer a true sunrise flight and a full golden hour sunset flight as well. Of course you need a bigger budget, but if you want and AWESOME line up and catch it all in 1 day, this is really it!

We offer this 1-day project to 10 aviation photographers.

This 1-day project has a minimum of 8 aircraft in the line up and will be offered to 10 aviation photographers. Friends can share a seat, but only 1 person at the time can fly onboard the Skyvan.


Location: Coolidge, Arizona, USA

To end our 2024 season we would love to go out with a lot of noise and afterburners!! At this moment this 1-day project is still as ‘TBC’, but making good progress. Arizona has a lot of interesting military activity, and we hope to make that Friday a super day. If the Top Aces F-16s ( or any other military contractor ) would join us again, they would also be included in this military day.

We offer this 1-day project to 10 aviation photographers.

You cannot share a seat, as all photographers have to go through and approval process, and we have to keep the team to a minimum. We might operate from a military airfield as well.