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In 1992, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union of Finland, the Air Force purchased 64 F-18 Hornets to defend the county, 7 two-seat F-18D models and 57 single-seated F-18C models. For the occasion of the 2011 Dutch Open Days airshow, the Finnish Air Force send a rarely seen Hornet Solo display. Two aircraft were flown over to the North of The Netherlands, and we were able to photograph them on their way to the show.
The two Hornets joined the Skyvan Photoship along high above the Wadden Islands, in front of the Dutch coast, formed the best background we could dream of. Both aircraft first flew in formation around the nice region and the rapidly changing clouds and backgrounds resulted in a great variety of photographs.
The second part of the photoshoot consisted of a solo aircraft nicely showing all sides of the aircraft. During the flight, the tail hook and refuelling probe were deployed, and the graceful lines of the Hornet came out nicely against the Sea. The high humidity created some nice vortexes on the aircraft and the final break resulted in very dynamic photographs. The quickly changing backgrounds, light, clouds and colours really made this one of the most successful photoflights we performed. In a relatively short join-up time we took a large variety of photographs of which each one could be used as a painting on the wall.
Hereby we would like to thank the Finnish Air Force and everyone who made this phenomenal photoshoot possible.

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