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The photomissions around the Yeovilton Air Day marked a silent but super important beginning of a new chapter for the Aviation PhotoCrew. Under the new SPO regulations in the aviation industry, we set up a longterm relationship with our new partner ‘Pink Skyvan Team’ to fly the Skyvan photoship for us. New and exciting times!

We were looking forward to return to Yeovilton, as we enjoy a superb corporation with the Royal Navy and the airshow team. Unfortunately one of our main targets – the sole flying Sea Vixen in the world – made a belly landing just weeks before the airshow, and so ended a dream of many photographers to see this magnificent aircraft air to air.

The other target that everyone wanted was an ultra rare species of a white Tiger! Since the French Marine was host of the TigerMeet in june of this year, one of their Rafales was adorned with a superhot tigerschedule and we were waiting for them of course along the great coastal area. The Rafales did not disappoint, and gave us two incredible photo join-ups. Too bad their jurrasic era Atlantique broke down in the days before the show, but now we have something to look forward to in 2018!

The photomissions were filled once again with an abundance of sealife, the Royal Navy gave us a chance to catch – maybe the last time – their Seaking and its successor the Merlin. But also the historic helicopters were present with the bright yellow Whirlwind and Wasp, giving our photopilot Philip a nice challenge as both flew on our slow speed limit.
Always good fun with some of the longtime friends and participants as Rich Goodwin in his Pitts and husband and wife Simon and Lauren presenting their ‘way of life’ with smoke and inverted positions…inverted, that worked for John Beattie as well this time! We had some cool encounters with Yaks, during the airshow we took the raiders parachute team up again.
One of the more unique photomissions ( well , 2 actually ) was the last ever visit of two Danish Lynx helicopters, only months before retirement after 40+ years of service. Both were graced with a spectacular special scheme.
The Royal Netherlands Air Force presented us their NH-90, along the spectacular coast in pretty sunlight…everybody happy! We welcomed a new Air Force to fly for us, as we had finally the chance to see an aircraft of the Irish Air Corps. The pilots were super enthousiastic to see finally our famous Skyvan photoship and performed two brilliant join-ups for us.
Red hot Tinders for all the jetpilots, as we produced for all of them way too cool images. You don’t only have the great coastal area in Yeovilton, but it’s also allowed to use flares there so private fireworks for all the photographers flying with us ? the Belgian demo F-16’s brought smoke as well, the RAF Typhoons a red T-shirt in the cockpit, the 1 Sqn F-16 from the Belgian Air Force a supernice special paint scheme….but we gotta give that first prize to the Danish F-16 guys for saving just 1 flare on departure for ‘the money shot’ and of course for their twinseat – fully loaded!! – to keep up in the end with our relative slow speed. They will return in 2018 to the Air Day, so we patiently wait now for at least 2 flares on departure!!

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