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The last project of the 2023 season brought us back to the place where we had our first test flights in the USA… Arizona!

With the phenomenal desert scenery and blue sky forecast, we started these few days of fun with something we haven’t actually done in 15 years of photoflying… a real sunrise photomission! We could have not asked for a better subject as the classic T-33 from the Arizona Aviation Historical Group, flown by Tim Brown. The light on that desert mountains is just so awesome, waking up at 4am was never so worthwhile!!

Not only spectacular light on the scenery, but since the T-33 was bare metal, it’s both an absolute joy AND challenge for photographers to produce that stunning pictures.

We had two days of trying and testing some more set ups. Since Coolidge is home to Win Aviation, our partner for all the US & Canadian projects providing the Skyvan photoship, we also had a chance to fly with the Sherpa as a photoship. However, despite that this super version of the Skyvan has a lot more powerful engines and can fly faster, in reality it actually has to fly slower when de cargodoor is open!! So we turned the plan around and had it as a subject aircraft, in a unique 2-ship with one of the other Win Aviation Skyvans.
We made a number of flying friends in Arizona already, so it was definitely a lot of FUN welcoming so many. The sunset over the desert is just as rewarding as the sunrise, an ideal time to catch up with the Nanchang and RVs from Falcon Warbirds.
Not only aircraft came to say hello to the Skyvan, but we also had the pleasure to see the classic Jet Ranger helicopter. Coolidge airfield is also home to the White Piper Cub, presented to us by Andy Delk.

A first for us was a chance to see the giant Air Tractor – yes that is a huge machine – showing up at the ideal time, as there happened to be a tirefire nearby… no, we did not start that fire to get these original photos!!

For many photographers joining us in the photoship, the highlight was that formidable desert scenery in combination with an all-time classic American warbird, the P-51 Mustang. I do agree! She was presented to us in the most ideal way by ‘Blower’… well the photos speak for themselves.

And so our 2023 season has ended, but we are already looking forward to the next season. We will come back to Arizona on October 7, 8 & 9 in 2024, where we will focus on the classic jets and warbirds… and a military day, sunrise & sunset flights included!

If you like to join us onboard the Skyvan photoship, you are most welcome and it is very easy to book photomissions with us. For an overview of the upcoming planning you can always check out the page ‘projects’ , for details and pricing just send a short email to


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