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Chipmeet 2009
The Chipmeet doesn't actually need an introduction anymore, it's the worlds most famous gathering of Chipmunks. Every year in May , the Belgian airfield of Zoersel becomes home of many Chippies who fly in from all over Europe. It is organized on a long weekend starting on Wednesday afternoon and ending on the Sunday.
During the Chipmeet all pilots will have a chance to fly in different formations and practice these skills, as well as for example aerobatics, all given by qualified instructors. The result is that you will see formations unique in the European sky. On Friday evening al visitors on the ground could enjoy a magnificent diamond 9 formation, posing carefully behind the Skyvan photoship for these amazing pictures.
Of course the Chipmeet is also just a great weekend out, a very relaxed atmosphere and having a lot of fun with friend, new Chipmunk pilots and visitors alike. Every time again it's a success and for this edition the weather could not have been better. Warm and sunny with a clear blue sky, great food, and an airfield that is regarded as the most beautiful in if we all were camping in a nature park.
For the PhotoCrew is was a wonderful weekend too, as we were spoiled with so many great photoflights. We had a chance to try out the Skyvan as a photoship for multiple photographers, so we invited a number of people to fly with us and enjoy the aircraft from the skies. Michael and Soetkin tried different settings on their camera's to create these moody light conditions, and our gyrostabilizer was also used for the first a result you have these full circle propellers, another Michael becomes well-known for!
Apart from the Chipmeet we had a lot of our flying friends visiting us, and they all were eager to pose behind the Skyvan ;-) Jean-Michel Legrand gave us a “Yak-attack”, while Peter Kuypers did the same with the Yak-50; also the homeboys Jos Quirynen with the DA-42 and Pascal Kempenaers with his Focke Wulf gave us a great show.
From Wevelgem Airport we had the Commander piloted by Bob and Koen Velleman, the Antonov 2 said 'hello' on another photoflight from the FW-149....and as you can see nothing beats the excitement and pleasure of a Skyvan photoflight. We had a great time – many thanks to Tony de Bruyn for giving us such a stable photoplatform – I believe all of our friends didn't stop talking anymore about their experiences, especially the amazing flight with the Foxmoth who approached the photoship so close he still has the record ;-)
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