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On a very cold November morning we had a unique chance to be a flying part of aviation history. This was truly one of those rare “once in a lifetime opportunities” ... Our Skyvan pilot Tony de Bruyn notified us - only two days in advance – that the worldfamous Vimy replica would fly for a very last time, to its final destination; straight to the Brooklands Museum!
The Skyvan was available and in the vicinity, so I rushed with Tom and Giel to the UK for what really would become our “once in a lifetime” photoshoot. This Vickers Vimy was the carefully rebuild replica in the early 1990's by Peter McMillan. Followed by a cameracrew of National Geographic it relived the epic adventures made by the original Vimy, flying all the way to Australia, recreating the very first transatlantic crossing and the long journey to South Africa.
On november 15th, 2009, it would only be a short testflight and the final hop to the Brooklands Museum. We were ready to depart from Dunsfold airfield when the testflight was delayed due to an engine problem........Thirty minutes later we had to wait a while due to a heavy rainshower and with the third attempt there was a radio problem!
But once the Vimy took off with John Dodd at the controls it was like living history! 40 minuts later, with a nice setting sun the moment was there....Peter McMillan took the seat in the basket, John Dodd at the controls, together with engineer and co-pilot Clive Edwards; this was réally the last time ever a Vickers Vimy would take to the sky and we were so priviledged to make that final picture.
We let the photos speak for themselves, a most fitting tribute to a gracefull old lady. Our very special thanks go to Tony de Bruyn for flying his Skyvan photoship to its slowest limits,and having us onboard, Peter McMillan, John Dodd and Clive Edwards for this absolutely fantastic chance to be with them on the last flight.

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