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Air-to-Air photography is for many photographers the ultimate way to photograph aircraft in their natural environment, the sky. Making the big step to Air-to-Air photography can be very difficult. Opportunities to fly for pictures are very sparse, and mostly done by only a handful of experience photographers who keep the opportunities for themselves.

The Air-to-Air Academy is a non-profit organisation with the goal of sharing our experience in the field of airborne photography with other photographers from around the world. Not only on the ground, but also in the air we'll share our photoflight opportunities with motivated photographers.

The concept was invented by the Aviation PhotoCrew in 2009, when many of their friends kept on sending emails on how they could join them on their many photoflight missions. Our prefered photoship, the Shorts Skyvan, can take up to 11 photographers on board, so it is an ideal aircraft to take guest photographers in the air for their first Air-to-Air photoshoot.


The Academy is set up as a very active course, a holiday full of aviation, with a lot of action both on the ground and in the air. It is a good combination of useful lectures which will give you many handy tips & tricks, aviation photography on the ground and ofcourse the photoflights themselves. Each participant will take to the skies in the famous Skyvan photoship which will give you the opportunities to use your photography skills.


If you would like to be informed about the next edition of the Air-to-Air Academy, please don't hesitate to contact us via


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> Air-to-Air Academy 2010 Report
The very first edition of the Air-to-Air Academy was for all of us a very steep learning curve, both for the organizers and the photographers. It took place in May at the Airfield of Malle, and we were very happy with all the nice aircraft who participated in this first edition. It was great to meet so many new friends, of which many returned the following years.
> Air-to-Air Academy 2011 Report
Malle Airfield was again the homebase for the second edition of the Air-to-Air Academy 2011. This time it was organized in August which was a very good choice as we had the most beautiful weather we could have ever hoped for. We welcomed over 40 photographers from all over the world, and the line-up of participating aircraft was just amazing.
> Air-to-Air Academy 2012 Report
The 2012 edition of the Photoflying Days was destined to be an even bigger success after the two previous events. This year’s Academy was again fully booked with no less than 65 photographers coming from all over the world especially for this event. The line-up of historical aircraft was really huge, one of the largest gatherings of Oldtimer Aircraft ever in Belgium. Not only fighter birds like the Spitfire and the Hurricane attended, but we also had two very nice DC-3 Dakota’s, next to a whole array of other unique airplanes.
> Air-to-Air Academy 2013 Report
Time flies when you’re having fun - it was already the fourth edition of the Air-to-Air Academy, taking place from September 11-16, 2013. For the occasion, a new cooperation was set up, with the famous Sanicole Airshow at the Leopoldsburg Airfield. As the Airshow attract the best of the European Airshow scene, a nice variety of aircraft attended, which made for some unique photo opportunities for the many photographers visiting the Academy. Over 50 photographers from around the world gathered at the small airfield of Sanicole and it was great to meet so many familiar faces and welcoming some new friends.

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