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2023 Plans

On this page we keep you updated on all of our upcoming plans. Check it regularly, as we update the info on each of the projects presented as soon as we get it. Along with the newsletters, this is the best way to always have the latest news on our PhotoFlying adventures.


Turku, Finland June 15 & 16

Each year, the Finnish Air Force will present only 1 airshow, hosted on a different airport.

With Finland as the newest NATO member and the giant Air Defender exercise taking place at the same time in Europe, all eyes are on Turku to deliver a fantastic airshow! For sure they will deliver, as Finnish airshows are always up level with a spectacular line up. You can expect a massive participation of the Finnish Air Force assets ( Midnight Hawks, F-18, NH90, Coast Guard etc ) and especially this year there will be an impressive participation of foreign military. Combine that with a backdrop in the ‘land of the thousand lakes’ and we will have incredible aerial photomissions to offer you.

We will have both seats available for a 1-day ticket, as well as the full package ( both days, all flights ) Both days will be equally interesting with an attractive line-up.

Open for booking, email us here:

UK warbirds July 8 & 9

Our popular warbird days return, and will be flown once again from the airfield of Sywell. One day will be focused on the line-up build by Darren Harbar with some of the very rare Shuttleworth Collection aircraft. The other day will feature the line-up Richard Paver is putting together. Each day will feature at least 7 aircraft and 3 flights, so we can rotate the photographers in different positions. Weather depending, we hope to offer a sunsetflight in both programs as well. All warbirds will be ‘new’ for us and have not been photographed in Aviation PhotoCrew projects before!

For the smaller budgets we offer ‘an afternoon with 2 classic warbirds’ as well.

Open for booking, email us here:

American Air Power Europe July 11

In the year that the NATO alliance is more important than ever, we are priviledged to present you another high level project! On Tuesday July 11, we will fly with the USAFE assets based at Mildenhall and Lakenheath, to honor the presence of the USAF in Europe for many decades. The project is called ‘American Airpower in Europe’ and will give us a chance to see aerial join-ups with the MC-130, KC-135, Osprey, F-15 and F-35 in an incredible coastal backdrop. This is a 1-day project, you will need to be very fast if you like to join us, good luck!

Open for booking, email us here:

Royal International Air Tattoo July 12 - 14

RIAT is the worlds biggest military airshow and will feature a huge list of join-ups. If you like jetpower all day long, this is the project for you. There are always some rare and fantastic aircraft that will join us, and the variety in aircraft types and different Air Forces is just amazing. Joining this project might be a challenge, as it is very high in demand with photographers from around the world. If you are unlucky to secure a seat, you can already have your name on the list for the next 5 years!

We offer an ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. As well as a day by day seat opportunity.

Open for booking, email us here:

Abbotsford International Airshow august 9 - 11

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, not just because of the city itself but certainly because of the phenomenal scenery that surrounds it. The fantastic coastal region and of course the mountains, with Mount Baker in the US as their own ‘Mount Fuji’ window view. Just outside of Vancouver you have the city of Abbotsford, among aviation enthousiasts well known for being the host city of one of the longlasting and worldfamous Canadian airshows: the Abbotsford International Airshow. It is with great pleasure we can announce that this will be the first big photoflying project for the Aviation PhotoCrew in Canada. It will be a ‘full’ project, and yes we will operate the Skyvan as a photoship, so you know what to expect from us. The line-up of airshow participants is one of the best in North America, a great mix of civilian, military and warbirds not to forget the local stars the aviation community has to offer.

You are invited to join us! And since this is our introduction year in Canadian and US airshows, the pricing is very véry interesting ?? If you are unlucky to secure a seat now, you can already have your name on the list for the big 100th CAF anniversary show in 2024!

We offer an ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. As well as a day by day seat opportunity.

Open for booking, email us here:

Italian Harriers Monday August 28

One of the last big targets on everyones list is the iconic Harrier. We have been very lucky to catch the impressive the Harriers of the Spanish Navy in 2019 when they came to RIAT. Those still have some good years to go in service....but what about the Italian Harriers?? Those jets become ultra rare and will be replaced by the F-35B fairly soon. We are super proud to present you a 1-day project that will be for sure a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ !!

The Italian Navy has approved our request to set up a photomission with their Harriers on Monday, August 28. We will fly the join-up overhead their homegrounds in the south point of Italy. Brindisi is the closest commercial airport for travel.

You are very welcome to join us on this project ! *spoiler* if all goes well we will get to see the ultra rare twoseater and the Tigertail jet!

Open for booking, email us here:

T-2 Buckeye day August 29

The Hellenic Air Force has an unprecedented number of ‘unicorn’ aircraft in the inventory, that are still flying today! It are the type of aircraft that makes every aviation enthousiasts heart beat a bit faster. ‘IF’ the T-2 Buckeye trainer is still flying in September ( and yes that is really the condition ) we will offer a 1-day program to fly out to Kalamata to meet these legendary trainers in the air. 2023 will be unfortunately the final year we will have an opportunity to see them. Our photomission will take off from Tanagra airbase, with a landing in Kalamata, and return to Tanagra the same day.

Open for booking, email us here:

Athens Flying Week August 30 – September 4

Yes….this is THAT project with the legendary F-4 Phantoms!!! But Greece is offering so much more. In the week of the airshow we will have the priviledged opportunity to catch a large number of assets of the Hellenic Air Force, Navy and Army. All in that stunning Greek backdrops. AH-64 Apache, Chinook, Mirage 2000, F-16, SeaHawk, Kiowa, T-2, Huey and soo much more…..all joined the Skyvan in previous years. AND of course the list of other nations participating with some unusual and exotic surprises….Athens Flying Week has it all! The project are very high in demand, if you are unlucky to secure a seat, you can already have your name on the list for the next 3 years.

We offer ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. That is August 30, 31 and September 1.

As well as a 2-day project for the departures, flown on September 3 & 4.

With a bit of luck, both projects will feature at least one of the legendary Hellenic jetfighters as the Mirage 2000 and F-4 Phantom.

Open for booking, email us here:

Belgian Air Force Days September 6 – 8

The Belgian Air Force is only hosting an airshow every two years, but if they do it, its gonna be rightaway one of the bigger events on the European calendar. This year the show takes place at ‘KB’ airbase, and so they also have the support of the famous Sanicole team. You’re in for a fantastic program and first participants make it already a superb program….with a lot more to come!! The aircraft, helicopters and teams to join the Skyvan photoship are a great variety of civilian and military subjects. This is a photoflight program that never disappoints!

We offer an ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. As well as a day by day seat opportunity.

Open for booking, email us here:

Pacific Airshow September 28 – 30

In just a few years time the Pacific Airshow grew into thé wildest ‘Hollywood style’ aviation extravaganza! This annual event takes place at Huntington Beach, South of Los Angeles and offers the absolute best what the North American airshow industry has to offer.

The event was voted already ‘best airshow in America’ and is on the wishlist of military and civilian performers alike. The only thing they did not have yet is the Skyvan photoship catching all that fun from the air!

The Aviation PhotoCrew is very happy and feels priviledged to offer to photographers around the world the Pacific Airshow as their first ‘full’ photoflying project in the USA. Do you like famous civilian performes? Check! Do you like warbirds? Check! Do you like military participants? Check! Do you like more military? CHECK! This is the one for you, and in this first year overseas we have a special price to join our aerial adventures.

We offer an ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. As well as a day by day seat opportunity.

Open for booking, email us here:


Phoenix, USA October 2 & 3

After our successful flights in March we will return to Phoenix for more action in the sky! We have made a request to various Air Forces to take part in the flights, and we expect the aggressors like Top Aces to be joining us again.

The focus is mainly on jetpower, but for sure other aircraft might join the photoship!!

Both days are offered as a 1-day project with an attractive pricing, AND there is one big surprise for all photographers joining us ( will only be announced closer to the date ).

Open for booking, email us here:


2024 Plans


Danish Air Force airshow June

The Danish Air Force is hosting a bi-annual event, each time on one of their prime airbases. This time it will be the F-16 base Skydstrup welcoming foreign airshow participants from all over Europe…and beyond! But they got something big to celebrate themselves, as normally the first Danish F-35s will have arrived by that time! It is the biggest open air event in Denmark, and the show has the ambition to become the biggest airshow in Scandinavia. With previous editions in mind, they are very much on that track!! We expect to welcome a fantastic variety of both military and civilian subjects to join the Skyvan photoship, just check out our webreports to see what they all had in the past.

We will offer a 1-day project ( prior to the airshow arrivals ) with the F-16s, and hopefully they will be joined by the F-35.

We offer an ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. As well as a day by day seat opportunity.

Open for booking, email us here:

Swedish classic jets June

In 2018 we had one of our absolute magical days so far, when we were lucky enough to fly with the amazing collection of vintage jets that are still flying in Sweden today. Supported by Saab, the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight manages to keep their jet legacy airworthy, each of their jets is an icon!! Tunnan, Lansen, Draken, Viggen…they have it all, and they look unbelievable from an air to air perspective. If the date for the Danish Air Force airshow ( TBD ) is as expected, we will be able to fly the Skyvan photoship to Sweden again to meet all of these legends in person!

We will offer a 1-day project ‘all flights’ to meet the Swedish jets up close.

Open for booking, email us here:

Bagotville International Airshow June 19 – 21

The Royal Canadian Air Force is celebrating the 100th anniversary this year, and they will do it big and in style! One of their legendary events will take place at the prime airbase of Bagotville, and is one of the biggest airshows in Canada! The Skyvan photoship will join the festivities for a 3 day extravaganza of aerial photomissions. Day 1 will see us fly with the local stars, day 2 is for the airshow arrivals and day 3 will feature the ‘special set ups’…We will not only meet Canadian airpower, but very likely US participation as well…..AND….( wait, that is still a surprise!! ).

We offer an ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. As well as a day by day seat opportunity.

Open for booking, email us here:

UK warbirds July

By popular demand, we kick off our UK projects by the ever popular warbird flights. Once again we will feature two days with a program that is very different in line-up each day. If you like the sound and the view of the precious WW II metal, you have to be here. We offer an unprecedented 7 warbirds minimum on each day with three flights from the Skyvan photoship, so we can give photographers different photo angles every time. With some luck a sunsetflight is included. Pricewise this is the best offer for warbird air to airs anywhere in the world! Great atmosphere, great excitement is included ;)

We offer two 1-day programs, with different line-ups. As well as ‘an afternoon with two classic warbirds’ for the smaller budgets.

Open for booking, email us here:

Royal International Air Tattoo July 17 – 19

Have a really good nightrest, so you are sharp in the morning. As this is how it’s gonna be:
Fly, land, refuel, restroom, repeat….for 2,5 days from morning till dinnertime! RIAT does not need an introduction, as this legendary event has been the biggest military airshow in the world for decades. And the many photoflights are a bit like that too, you better bring fully loaded cameras and BIG memory cards. If you are chasing an abundance of military join-up opportunities, look no further! Ooh, and we do like the 2024 themes soo much!!! Yes, that is still a surprise.

Your challenge is to secure a seat, as this project is very high in demand. If you are unlucky for this year, you can have your name already on the list for the next 4 years.

We offer an ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. As well as a day by day seat opportunity.

Open for booking, email us here:

Airpower September

Which airshow in Europe has the most beautiful backdrops? And the most amazing line-up? And the Skyvan photoship ready to catch all that precious metal?
Yes, you are absolutely correct, the Austrian mountains will be once again the scenery for spectacular air to air photos. By many airshow fanatics, this airshow in Austria is regarded as their favourite show in Europe. Not only because it is a HUGE airshow, but also for the always surprising line-up that makes it this world class event. And our many photomissions we fly during this week are a perfect reflection of that. Airpower has it all, every time: jets, teams, warbirds, civilian & aerobatic, helicopters…and the very unusual. If the weather is with us, we even have a sunsetflight!

We offer 2 programs, an ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program. As well as a day by day seat opportunity.

The second program is flown for the departures, on Sunday & Monday .

Open for booking, email us here:

Athens Flying Week September

If you are that die-hard air to air photographer and you don’t have a ‘unicorn’ aircraft in your collection yet, as the Mirage 2000 or F-4 Phantom, this could be the rare occasion that we can make that happen for you. We never guarantee, but just have a look at our webreports to see all the gems that are still flying in the Hellenic military. Most of these iconic but very endangered species are super hard to catch, but through the years – and with the great help of our friends at Athens Flying Week – we performed more miracles than we can count. And we love to do it again!

We offer ‘all arrivals’ = all days, all flights program, as well as a 2-day project for the departures.

Open for booking, email us here:


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