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It was the hottest day of the year... 34 °C ! No airco onboard the Skyvan photoship, but that's not a reason to stop another great photoflight. A C-130 dropping parachutists, thats a reason to delay our take-off. We had a well briefed plan to meet with our Belgian friends of 349 Sqn over the military Pampa Range for our first shoot with the new F-16 demo aircraft. Luckely we could make contact with the pilots ready to take off in KB to inform them about our late take-off. After the C-130 had dropped the last load of para's we were ready to go from the airfield of Schaffen. Unfortunately once airborne there was still quite some haze in the sky so the photos were a real challenge. But 'Mitch' and his spare buddy gave us a first class airshow again!!
In the mean time our Swiss friends 'Deasy' and 'Pipo' were underway from Switzerland on the ferryflight to the Belgian Airforce airshow weekend at Beauvechain airbase. With a perfect timing they intercepted our Skyvan and gave all photographers onboard a first chance to capture the amazing F-18 Hornet in the air; véry cool aircraft, even with these hot temperatures!
Of course our photomission wouldn't be complete without a unique formation of the two demo jets flying together, and thanks to the great coordination of 'Mitch' we were able to get this exclusive twoship pictures, smoke on! The smokewinders on the F-16 réally work very well this season!

Many many thanks again to all people involved making this photoflight possible, our guestphotographers and our entire team had another thrilling experience. The cool beer after flying made the day complete. In the videoclip, made by Peter Vanloey, you can see how much fun we had up in the air!

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