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Thanks to photographer Peter Kleynen this combination became reality on the 'Photoflying Days' at Zoersel. The idea emerged from a former photo shoot that took place at Zoersel. This was a cooperation between Texco Fashion Agency, who provided us with the clothing by Italian brand "WHO*S WHO", and Peter Kleynen. This collaboration got a very enthusiast response from the photography and fashion lovers.

It didn't stay unnoticed and also drew the attention of Eric Coeckelbergs, one of the key persons of the 'Photoflying Days'. He considered this unique combination an asset for the Flight Academy photographers. After their first meeting, Peter and Eric got together and brainstormed about all their ideas. The main idea was to combine all the unique planes that come to Zoersel, with today's fashion.

Peter contacted Petra Vanhoren, a stylist who was totally into this cool idea of 'vintage' styling. After preparing the necessary mood boards, they casted their models. Out of 385 models they picked out 2; Laura Antonacci and Katleen Dekort. The first Photoflying team was fact! The team arrived on Thursday evening and after the first tour at the premises, the shoot kicked off immediately: more than 600 photos were taken in only 2 days.

Day 1

On Friday morning our model Katleen started off by showing her vintage outfit in front of the North American AT-6A Texan that belongs to Hanno Wesdorp. It didn't take long or the flight Academy photographers took their shot to eternalize the moment. Katleen moved to the Spitfire so Laura could take place in front of the Texan.

A lot of photographers were so impressed by the combination of all this beauty, and this combined with the beautiful sunny weather, caused for some 'dehydration'. So after the shoot with the Spitfire we had to take a first break. During the break the photographers started sharing their pictures and everybody had a nice chat, enjoying their drinks and snacks at the VIP tent. The concept was a winner! The consequence was that by the end of the afternoon, the amount of photographers had doubled!

Let's go to the DH-84 Dragon - Iolar next. The models wearing their beautiful outfits, styled by Petra, got all the attention needed. After 1 hour of shooting with the Iolar in the background, Petra and Peter went looking for another cool plane to use for the next round of pictures. On their way a bright red Robinson helicopter caught their attention; and this resulted in another series of great pictures. Time flew by that day, and the sun was reflecting magically on the silver Beechcraft situated next to the taxi path. Laura's and Katleen's silhouettes reflected beautifully on the airplane.

Everybody was very pleased with the results of that Friday, and they finished off by taking some final shots of the models with the Texan and the Mustang P51 in the background. The cars were a great addition to the total look and it all added to a great result! After a first successful day of shooting, everybody returned to the hotel satisfied.


Saturday was for many a day to look forward to, as the show stopper of that day was the Dakota DC3 that flew over especially from Switzerland. Not one, but two of these! But as the DC of Breitling stayed on the ground all day, we grabbed this opportunity to take pictures in the airplane, on the airplane, even under the airplane! Due to the extreme heat in the DC3 Peter's flash stopped working, but the hospitality of the Swiss guests made up for that.

Later that day we took the models to the Sherman tank, even though we were taking pictures with planes all day, we thought that shooting with a tank would be cool too. It didn't take long or our models found themselves a soldier, only to pose with of course! After wrapping up the shoot with the tank, we went back to the airplanes, as the Avenger was still parked on the tarmac and we just had to have pictures with this one too. After 2 great days of collaboration we took a very nice group picture for the 'Skyvan' and then we ended the session with a fun barbeque . Can't wait for next year!

By Peter Kleynen - www.kleynen.be


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