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Early july our team embarked to the UK for a few very exciting weeks, flying 4 projects in a row! Busy 10th anniversary season…

To fly a dedicated photomossion with the sole flying B-17 in Europe has been a wish for many years, and after a small taste to see a Flying Fortress next to the Skyvan photoship in 2016, the desire to see this magnificent aircraft from all angles only got bigger. Elly Sallingboe and her team have achieved an incredible challenge to keep the B-17 flying in the European skies, not just for a few years, but for decades in a row!

We felt very priviledged to take off from the legendary Duxford airfield, seeing the B-17 lining up right after us. It was one of that days with 30 degrees and a bright blue sky, unfortunately it also came with quite some turbulence making it a very challenging flight.

The target was to capture images from the B-17 ‘Sally B’ in the air, while she was overflying some of the historic landmarks. Thanks to the expert flying skills of Peter Kuypers in the B-17 and Phillip Artweger in the Skyvan we were very successful in getting those images. A nice, and complete, surprise along the way was Kenneth Aarkvisla photobombing our flight by buzzing by with his Mig-15!

For almost a full hour we had the honour of having one of the most exclusive warbirds in the European sky in our company, those sights and sounds will stay with us for a very long time!

The Aviation PhotoCrew wishes to thank Elly Sallingboe for her permission and support to make this longtime dream becoming a reality.

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