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The International Sanicole Airshow is one of the Airshows with the richest history, running since 1977. The annual show attracts thousands of aviation enthusiasts to the little Aerodrome in Belgium. As one of the most famous shows in Europe, it’s an honor for many pilots to be able to participate the Sanicole show. For many years the Aviation PhotoCrew has worked together with the Sanicole team to provide the best photo and video opportunities flying the Skyvan.

The first photomissions were flown on Wednesday, with a hop-over to Volkel to fly with two Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16’s. It’s a sight that will soon be gone as the base is in full transition to the new F-35 jets. So we did our best to catch some of the last remaining F-16’s while we still can. The next subjects were two nice vintage T-6 Harvards, providing us some bright colors in the sky.

The Thunder Tigers, a formation of four F-16’s from the local Kleine-Brogel Airbase 31 Squadron are one of the highlights of the annual Sanicole Airshow. This year flown with the magnificent X-Tiger in the lead. Another highlight to the show were the famous Saudi Hawks displaying the national colors with their Hawk Jet Trainers.
On Thursday we had another team joining behind the Skyvan, the Royal Jordanian Falcons. Promoting their country, they visit a large number of Airshow throughout Europe. We also had a local guest in the Cap-10 which gave us a spirited show. The Turkish Stars are one of the most famous teams with their supersonic F-5’s. They were one of the highlights at the show, and gave us some very nice photographic opportunities.
To finish the day we had a very nice surprise for our photographers, two F-35’s arrived from Lakenheath and were guided to Kleine-Brogel by two F-16’s. A unique sight to see the future Jets together with the current. They posed in a four-ship formation and duo setups behind and next to the Skyvan.
Friday was a busy day where we had a whole mix of aircraft posing for us. From the Italian Air Force we were greeted by the C-27 Spartan transport aircraft. Also from Italy we had the Eurofighter and the M-346 Master. Another Eurofighter came from the German Air Force from nearby Nörvenich Air Base.
The new F-16 display pilot for the Belgian Air Force is “Vrieske”, one of the most experienced F-16 pilot in the world. He knows like no other how to show us his beautiful “Dream Viper” and he gave us one hell of a show! For the occasion he was briefly joined by the Swiss Air Force F-18 display. Another unique set up was when Richard Goodwin flying the Jet Pitts, was joined by two Swiss Hornets.
Not only fast Jets were on the program, but the Mooney from the local Aeroclub of Zwartberg also joined in. The Belgian Air Force NH90 SAR helicopter is also a very welcome guest at the Sanicole Airshow. Their Czech colleagues also visited the show and gave a very spirited SAR display in the W-3 Sokol.
The French Air Force has a new duo-display team called “Mustang X-Ray” flying two PC-21 trainers. While the weather was decreasing, we received the P-38 Lightning from Red Bull. The dark clouds gave us a nice contrast with the shining metal colors of the aircraft. The Hellenic Air Force made a very rare appearance to the Sanicole Airshow with the T-6 Solo Demonstration Team in a very nicely colored aircraft.
On Saturday the weather did not look too promising. In between some rain showers we were able to photograph the Belgian Air Force Red Devils team flying four bright red Marchetti trainers. A solo yellow Marchetti also joined in. The Local Yak-52 from Sanicole gave us a nice show.
Probably the highlight of the Airshow was the USAF F-35 demonstration team. They performed at Sanicole for the very first time, and gave the visitors a great impression of what the Jet can perform. A unique heritage formation was flown together with the P-51, and especially for us they were joined by “Vrieske” in the F-16. A Unique sight to have the past, present and future in one frame!

Hereby the Aviation PhotoCrew would like to thank all the photographers for joining us, Pink Skyvan for flying us and Zwartberg Aeroclub for having us at the airfield. Special thanks to the whole Sanicole Airshow team, and the Belgian Air Force!

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