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October was an exciting month for the team, as we would fly the Skyvan photoship for our very first big American airshow! Pacific Airshow well-known for its huge crowds at Huntington Beach was our destination. Being close to Hollywood they have for sure a lot of flamboyance added to the airshow experience.

As it is a seaside show there is no static aircraft, but for American standards the flying program is pretty big. To get enough aircraft in our air to air basket, we decided to split up the 4 days of flying the Skyvan photoship: 2 days for Pacific Airshow and 2 days for our warbird friends at Camarillo.

Wednesday was a little day, giving us right away the first surprise when we had a chance to fly with the helicopter of the Sheriff…sweet!

Thursday we woke up with high expectations, only to see…WT….that’s a lot of morning fog. No California blue skies as we know it from so many photos. Fortunately the fog layer cleared just in time to welcome the first highlight of the day, the US Navy Rhino Team. Fantastic to see the Hornets, and extra points for the painted bird.

The other military join up was with the aircraft highest on the wish list, the F-35C That is one biiig machine compared to the F-35A model. What a treat for us to see, and the presentation behind the Skyvan photoship brought us all the nice set-ups with hook down, gear cycle and dynamic break. Unfortunately the Navy Growlers had a serious delay, and so did the ANG F-15s who would only arrive by Friday. Since we didn’t have a lot of flexibility, see you in 2025 guys!

The late afternoon was the best time to capture most of the civilian participants, overhead the famous Huntington Beach. Brilliant warm afternoon light was there for Mike Goulian, Sammy Mason, the Jet Waco, the Minijet, the Red Bull heli and a true glorious sunset photosession with the two T-33 from AceMaker. We have a lot of original ideas for next year folks!
Friday and Saturday we flew out to Camarillo, home of the Commemorative Air Force ‘Southern California’ branch. We flew in March with their Zero and Hellcat during the Arizona test flights, happy to meet everyone again at their home airfield. They had a lot of goodies for us!!! Even if the weather was only soso, we got to fly with the Antonov 2, Cessna 195B, Luscombe 8 and the ultra rare Culver Cadet.

The glorious sunshine returned on Saturday, so we had a busy full day of flying with all of the stars they had to offer. One of the most famous C-47s happened to be there ‘That’s All Brother’ and oh yes, we got it in formation with the Me-108. Their yellow Harvard also took to the skies, and more yellow and blue came with the always great looking Stearman, California coastline included!

Another unique 2-ship formation was presented by the Fairchild M-62 and the Fairchild 24R. Jason Somes took his black & red Mig-17 to the skies for us, smoke & afterburner included!!

Our grand finale was a magnificent photoflight into the California sunset along the beautiful coastline, with two of the biggest stars of the CAF SoCal collection, the HellCat and PBJ ( B-25 )!

We had a blast this week, and made a lot of interesting new contacts. For sure we will be back in 2024 with more flamboyant photomissions ‘Hollywood style’ on the planning. First aircraft are already confirmed!

Always welcome to join us onboard the Skyvan photoship. On the page ‘projects’ you can see our calendar, for all details just email to


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