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We kicked off the 2022 season with the Danish Air Force airshow, the large bi-annual airshow that came now a few years late due to the corona pandamic.

In the days leading up to the airshow, we had a chance to meet the Danish F-16s in full force in the skies! The Esk 727 (727th Squadron) was the first Danish unit to receive the F-16 fighter. From mid 1980 the squadron started to receive the aircraft from the Belgian SABCA factory, where the Danish aircraft of the first batch were being produced. It was declared fully operational on August 26th, 1981. The first task of the squadron was to train all future F-16 pilots of the Skrydstrup based units. Secondly it trained for a traditional ground attack role replacing the vintage F-100 Super Sabre in this role.

Although being the first squadron to receive the F-16, it was the last Danish F-16 unit to convert to the MLU version in 2003. Enhancements in the use of modern air-to-air missiles like the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile and the use of new air-to-ground weapons such as the AGM-65 missile which enlarged the operational envelope of the F-16 drastically.

In just 2 days we were priviledged to welcome 28 join-ups behind, below and besides the Pink Skyvan photoship. We were fortunate to see all the different paint schemes, including ‘the Flag’ which is the current demo jet as well.

And of course there were flares, lots of it!!!

For sure we will be back in 2024, as the host for the Danish Air Force airshow that year….will be the 727 Sq at Skrydstrup, and we have a lot of friends there!! By that time, the first F-35 will have arrived creating a number of interesting photographic opportunities.

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