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For the second time the Aviation Photocrew joined forces with the Airpower Zeltweg organization to offer flights above the beautiful Austrian Alps. Just like previous edition we flew out of Trieben airfield.

Airpower is a cooperation between the Styrian Government, the Austrian Air Force and RedBull. So not surprisingly we started with some of the Flying Bulls. Not only did we get to shoot the Lightning and two Alpha Jets, but on another flight we were treated on a private show of the DC-6.

Of course the Austrian Air Force sent us all they could offer and they did in the best possible way. From the special paint Eurofighter all the way to a twoship of Kiowa’s. From the Blackhawks to the C-130.
Before you lose yourself in these photos there’s just one last thing to add. On this project we had a videographer on board for the first time since long. Max will be joining us in the future as our latest crewmember to make some cinema quality footage. So you will see more video from us soon!
Just like last edition we worked together with Dietmar Schreiber. He organized a flight packed with vintage planes. He brought the Hurricane, Antonov 2 and Rapide to just name a few.
Talking about vintage planes. One of the highlights was the appearance of the Me262 in beautiful late afternoon light. The same flight turned into a stunning sunset flight above the mountains.
We also welcomed some large formations. The Frecce Tricolori joined us on the last day for what turned out to be a pretty impressive join-up. The Krilja Oluje didn’t disappoint either and we even got an unexpected extra flight with the Tiger Formation consisting out of all the tiger jets that were participating in the show.

And while we’re talking about special join ups, we had a whole 20 minute shoot with the L-39NG followed by the last air to air shoot with the Czech Hind, here joined by the Hip. Also special, the Tiger helicopter and the Mig-21. Two first times for the Aviation PhotoCrew.

We are well aware that there were many other special participants, but frankly, it’s just too much to write them all here. This project saw more than 30 join ups and every single one of them resulted in the beautiful pictures you see here.

The Aviation PhotoCrew will definitely be back for the next edition. How could we not with the backdrop Austria offers, the truly fantastic list of participants at Airpower and of course the great food and atmosphere. We would like to thank all involved in making this project what it was. The aircrews, ATC and Airpower, the great people at Pink Skyvan, the people at Trieben airfield, Dietmar and all photographers who joined us.

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