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On Friday May 13th, the newly painted Anniversary jet of the No 1 ‘Stingers’ Squadron of the Belgian Air Force was revealed. To commemorate the 105th Anniversary of the Squadron, F-16 FA-57 received a striking paint scheme on the tail and spine.

In 1917, the Scottish thistle was chosen as the insignia of the Squadron, created by pilot André De Meulemeester. It was painted on a Hanriot Dupont HD-1 back in 1917 and today, 105 years later, it is marked again on the left tail of the F-16. The right hand tail received the current logo of the No 1 Squardon ‘Stingers Rule’. Famous WW1 pilot André De Meulemeester was honored on the nose-wheel door.

The No 1 Squadron is one of five Squadrons in the Belgian Air Force, flying the F-16 MLU. Together with the 350 Squadron they are based at Florennes where they form the 2nd Wing. In recent year the Squadron participated the NATO operations in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq. Not only do they safeguard the airspace over Belgium, they also regularly participate the Baltic Air Policing mission.

Hereby we would like to thank the No 1 Squadron for the organization of the role-out event, congratulations with the new design and Sting-On!


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