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Tropical weather and a steel blue sky, a great bunch of aviation photographers and warbird enthousiasts, a terrace with a view and cold drinks... what more can you wish for when visiting the Sywell aerodrome in July?

Flying warbirds of course!

Our traditional warbird weekend in July was hosted again at the lovely Sywell airfield, and we were good to go for two full days of flying. Richard Paver built up two days with some of the absolute stars in the warbird world. For the first day, we even had a real vintage jet with the Vampire as our first join-up! Due to ever increasing costs for fuel and regulations, these days the vintage jets are even more rare then a WW II warbird.

The days were filled with a number of sorties with the Skyvan photoship, aiming to fly the most photogenic patterns overhead Grafham lake.

Aircraft present to join us a singleton or the more unique 2-ships, well almost every aircraft you can dream of. Multiple Spitfires, multiple Hurricanes, multiple Mustangs, the P-47 Thunderbolt and Buchon.

Very hard to have a favorite, although the ‘American’ Spitfire was much anticipated, but maybe our first prize goes to the 2 Spitfires from the same original squadron flying a close formation. Flying with warbirds is anyway always a highlight, as for much of these aircraft there is just only 1 available!

Having drinks, food and talks with photographers and pilots alike is what makes our warbird weekend always a highlight on the calendar.

Due to the high demand, the 2023 season will see 2 days again with a complete different and ‘new’ line up of aircraft we have never photographed before. After many years of patience, we will finally have a chance to work with the Shuttleworth collection, how does that sound for starters??

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