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The Polish city of Leszno hosted the biggest airshow of the country in the 2022 season, the famous ‘Antidotum airshow’. As the event took place on Friday & Saturday, we had the opportunity to fly the Skyvan photoship from Denmark to Poland on the Saturday, ready for some aerial action with participants departing on the Sunday.

This small 1-day project was in corporation with well known Polish photographer Hesja, who has the Antidotum airshow firm on his calendar for the many ATAMs ( Air to Air Meeting ) he is offering in Poland for photographers eager to get a taste of air to air. Unfortunately the weather was just too hot and too hazy, like 31 degrees Celsius on a Sunday morning ppffooo, not bringing us the blue skies we had hoped for.

But we got a great flying program with old and new friends willing to pose behind, beside and below the Skyvan photoship. The Flying Bulls presented us the ever impressive Cobra and a new one for our collection, the very cool looking PushPull Cessna…with smoke even. Two more military helicopters joined us in the form of the Swiss Puma and Czech Sokol, always a real joy to work with these flightcrews… and great photos too!

The Slovenian Air Force presented the PC-9 in conditions that are very unfavorable for photographers, but at the same time an ideal scenario to learn and play with the camera settings. Quite hazy and a bumpy ride at the same time.

The Beech 18 and Russian version of the DC-3 were the most gracious aircraft in the line-up, giving the photographers another challenge with the beautiful bare metal airframes, while we tried with the Skyvan some new manoeuvres to get us more photo angles.

Concluding this very enjoyable Sunday was an aircraft that is quite famous in Europe as a photoship that is used by a single photographer in the back of the fuselage, the sand camouflaged Bronco flown by Alain Bes. For this rare occasion, they were the subject aircraft, and we are very happy we got the chance to picture them in the air.

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